Opinion: Sexism in Language

Working in an occasionally busy office environment, where mistakes are major and aplenty, I often hear terms like “They’ve made a boob there!” “Everything’s gone tits-up!” and so forth. It fills me with melancholy that these are seemingly still quite popular expressions which make little or no attempt to conceal the indisputable truth that femininity is seen by some as a justification for mistrust or ridicule in the world in general and, more particularly, in that of business.

It is depressing that these terms are often bandied about with no regard for the stigma towards women which they continue to embed in the psyche of the nation – that a bunch of charlies can continue to speak in this way, unchallenged over their institutional sexism, seems anachronistic. What I find particularly incongruous is that a great many people obviously do not keep abreast of regulations about sexism in the workplace (which constitutes a major cock-up). One can only hope that poetic justice finds a way and that these companies end up going bust. How feeble-minded it is that some people still consider anything not male to inherently be bad. Ignorant cunts.